Rapid innovation, delivered.

If you’re struggling with innovation, organisation or prioritisation, a Decision Sprint gives you the tools you need to define, align and move forward right now.

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It’s easy to come up with new ideas

- your team does it all the time.

But getting off the starting blocks and putting plans into practice is the hard part.

Day-to-day needs take over and new projects stagnate.

Before you know it, weeks have passed and no progress has been made.

Until now…

Drawing on the groundbreaking work by Google Ventures, Brew has pioneered the Decision Sprint.

Decision Sprints are fast!

A fast, efficient process facilitated by our experts.

Decision Sprints help you unlock the potential of your team and your ideas

It brings teams together to uncover ideas, unlock potential and make critical decisions with confidence.

Decision Sprints give you a plan of action. Bullseye!

The result is a prioritised plan of action, decided by your people, that you can get started on right away.

How does it work??

A Decision Sprint always starts with a business challenge.

This could be anything, from identifying new opportunities or product development ideas to workflow issues, team integration or figuring out how to handle pandemic-related problems.

You will need:

Decision Sprints require the right people in the room

The right people

A small group of stakeholders, including relevant decision-makers.

Decision Sprints fit neatly into a two hour window

Two hours

A short time slot where everyone's free to focus their attention.

Decision Sprints are a great remote solution and require a very simple technical setup

Remote set-up

The technology to get everyone teamed up virtually for the session, using Zoom and Miro. 

Photo of Lee Story, founder of Ol' Nick, on a posting note
Lee Story Ol' Nick
"Not only did we get further in an hour than we have in months, but we also know what we need to do to protect ourselves from failure, which gives us huge confidence in the plan of action which came out of it."

What do you get?

A short session will break the logjam, propel you forward and put you in the best position to take the next steps.
Decision Sprints get you from challenge to consensus in a few quick steps.


From challenge to consensus in a few quick steps.

Decision Sprints help you focus on one challenge at once


Practical evaluation of the best solutions for progress.

Decision Sprints enable collaboration like little else.


Collective, cohesive ideas and decisive outcomes.

Decision Sprints help build momentum around projects


A prioritised plan with a road map and the momentum to make it happen.

Want to bring your team together to focus, find solutions and make critical choices with confidence – all in a few hours?

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