How Decision Sprints Work

Discovery Chat

A 20 minute call to hear more about your project and agree on your goal. We’ll agree a date for the Sprint and who needs to be there.

Plan the Sprint

We build a framework for the Sprint based on your needs. This is dynamic so that during the session we can pivot depending on the outcomes of each exercise.

The Sprint

An intensive two-hour session specially designed to bring out the most important elements of your challenge, understand what really matters and decide on the right solution for you.


Every Sprint finishes with a set of quick and actionable tasks for the team. These are chunked down to ensure that they are easy to achieve, and to maintain the momentum from the Sprint.

Sprint Syncs & Unblocking

After your Sprint, regular 15 minute team sync calls ensure that your plan of action is moving forward, and the ball kept rolling! This includes problem solving for any blockers that may arise. Many clients find this useful for keeping them on track.


And that’s the Decision Sprint!
Decisions made, actions agreed, momentum built and a lot achieved!

Whether the solution is a new product, process or person, the Decision Sprint is designed to align your team towards one collective vision.

We’ve helped teams tackle a wide variety of business challenges from strategic decision making and process overhauls, to tooling and website specifications.

Take a look at some of our Sprint Stories to find out more. 

At Brew we help teams make better decisions.

Why not get in touch for a non-salesy chat and see how we can help your team too?

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